What programm to use to texture weapon models?

Im making weapon models for my game. I quicky make a model but then i spend 2 days to find a programm for texturing.

Already tried:

Please offer me a specialized texturing programm, preferably with a “magic wand” option.

Substance Painter.

Still no magic wand tool, but helpful for post-texturing damages, dirt

Substance Painter is going to be the closet thing to a magic wand texturing tools. You can use layers, masks, generators, preset materials, substances, decals, and their substance library to quickly create any material without doing anything by hand. But starting with a good low poly and high poly model is requirement if you want the best results out of it. Quixel DDO can do similar things with their preset materials.

So theres none programs with magic wand tools? -_-

There are. They are called graphics editors, like Photoshop and Gimp. They all have magic wand and are widely used for texturing.
But they take a lot more work to achieve the same results that you can get with Substance and Quixel.

Yes, i understand.

Not sure how much time you spent in 3D-Coat, but it does have a magic wand tool.
Also I think it’s one of the better painting tools in terms of matching how things look on screen between it and UE4.