What particle or material property deals with level lightning influence?

Hi, I’ve got a moving actor with a particle system attached. The particle has an emitter with a translucent material, so not totally opaque. The problem is that the particle system looks more translucent than I’d like in areas where the ground receives more light influence (it’s a bright exterior sun-like light).

What property or resource in the particle or in the material can I use to configure how much the translucency or visualization is determinated or influenced by the lightning in the level?

Hi Albert Espin -

Without seeing the exact problem you are having, I would suggest that you switch the material you’re use for the particle system to Unlit and plug the Base Color into Emissive Color and you should have an even look throughout the level.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi and thanks, Eric, but that’s one of the things I’ve tried and although it solves the light influence problem (the particle is seen equally opaque from any angle and location) it gives the particle and undesired look.

So I wish there was something to do for not full opaque but translucent material based particles to determinate how much they seem more or less translucent depending or circumstances like the light amount (and reflections and other lightning properties), so a kind of regulator for lightning influence.

With the lighting in UE4 based on true physics, there is no current way to do as you are asking, but I will pass along to our engineers your request.


Eric Ketchum

Thanks, nice.