What language should I learn?

Hey guys. Obviously, my primary language is English. My secondary is Spanish. What language would be best to learn after I finish Spanish? I was thinking either French, because it’s fairly similar to Spanish, or German, just because I like that language. Which should I learn? Which is more fun, and easier to find classes for in the US? Which would be easier to learn after already knowing both English and Spanish? Which would be the most useful? Thanks!


actually learning C++ too XD Thanks for the link, will check that out!

I would like to learn english. :frowning:

Why not really challenge yourself and learn Mandarin, then you can speak to the majority of the world… BTW: Italian is closer to Spanish than French is…

English + Mandarin = The world is your oyster.

Your English is fine. Maybe learn Mandarin :slight_smile:

I would learn Mandarin if I were you, as it is a widely spoken language.

Thank you really for that :slight_smile:
Could i instead learn Orange?


Otherwise, yes, as others have suggested, Mandarin is useful.

Japanese would be another decent option.

If you are going for experimental languages i could suggest you Bavarian.
When you are searching for a serious suggestion here, then learn russia.
2018 after WW3 it will be new global worldlanguage, all other languages are obsolete and forbidden then.

Lean klingon!!! there are like 40> fruent speakers around the world!!! xD

That depends on what you’re trying to do - visit the country and speak in native language or read their books/watch their movies.

Russian, Chinese or Japanese are worth learning imo.

not yap wa’ Hol.

C++ and Korean.

C++ and Chinese.

Russian? That’s a good one.
Chinese is a pretty good one too to learn these days.

Yep, we shall speak the language of our overloards. The cats!

Mandarin its only useful in China (and EEUU when they decide buy it :P), the languages more useful (by number of country who speak) are English and Spanish, perhaps French before Spanish if you want travel to africa.

Then if you are already known English(66 country’s around all continents), and Spanish(26 ditto) the next step its French (30 few in Europe, a lot of countrys in Africa)

A Surprising Map of the World Shows Just How Big China’s Population Is - Date: 2013-08-14
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Top 10 in descending order.
China, India, US, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan

Maybe Hindi might be of interest?

1b 1.5b 10b population does not matter for me still only useful in that country only, when the others its useful in 20 or 30 country’s or Portuguese in 10.

I at least prefer learn a language that can be useful in lot of country’s than in only one with billions of speakers.