What is wrong with me? oO

First, I get banned on Polycount Slack, and now I get banned on Unreal’s Slack Team.
Am I ill? What is wrong with me guys?
Perhaps someone is experienced with Psychology and can help me.

Most of the time they say I am rude and don’t follow the Code of conduct. But this isn’t in Real Life the case. In RL, I am completely another person. More shy and silent than rude.
In my humble opinion, I behave correctly…

Well snap, had I not seen this thread, I would have thought you disappeared or something :confused:

Oh. You are in the forum too? Never thought about that! Great to see you again! :smiley:

Some people have a tendency to focus on problems simply for being a fixer, INTJ.
Usually we focus on the problems and no matter what is the bright side of things, we will keep pointing to the problem until it’s solved.
And this is where we have to be careful and try not use big words because some other types of personality REALLY hate this behaviour (which is actually very helpful to shape a good developer mindset, but yeah some ppl hate you for being that way).

According to Tests, I am INFP. Does this changes something now about your comment?
Yes, I am stubborn, but the problem is I can’t concentrate/motivate at one Thing till it is finished, like modeling(and modeling is not a short piece of work). After few hours, I have no lust to do stuff with CGI and I change to Code or other stuff.

Was talking of myself, as such tests say I’m INTJ :stuck_out_tongue:
And I sometimes make hard comments on things and get banned from places like gamasutra e etc lol

Sounds a bit like me, though I try and restrain myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Everywhere whinger. Can’t even tell hard things without the BANHaMMER.

What is wrong with you? Nothing! What is wrong with the people around you? EVERYTHING!

AHA? Why do you say that?

When you have some “phases” in creativity or mood, then maybe it would be smart, to slow down the “postimpulse” (write something and send it).
Sometimes it’s very hard to be together with other creatives and spread some critism.
When they have “phases” too and you think about them in sinus curves with up and downs.
When your “downs” are synced with other downs, it will collide.
Only my fifty cent, have some experience with that too, but i try always to give something positive back to others.
Wait before you send, reread it after a half hour.

I could make a few suggestions, but it would just end up with a bunch of people yelling at me.

Let’s hear them, I promise I won’t yell :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… first of all, in napelazams defence, I found him to be a nice enough person to talk to, with a good sense of humour and a quick wit. He also posted some good work in the graphics channel and offered really good insight into some coding topics too.

Having said that, I wasn’t really comfortable with his behaviour in the #lounge channel. He was constantly trying to start conversations about **** sex and frequently asked people to send sexually explicit pictures of themselves to him. I had a bit of bit of a gentle whinge about it, but everyone there either didn’t care or was too afraid to be seen agreeing with me.

So, rather than cause a fuss (it is the internet after all) I just stopped logging in at night when he was around. I know it makes me an old prude but I don’t really care, I don’t need that sort of nasty in my life.

I want sexual pictures from others? When? I can not remember this.

Is it possible that someone else uses your computer and is typing these messages? It’d be good to have a separate account for any other people using it. Most places will consider your account your personal responsibility, so even if it’s not you doing it- anyone typing these things (on a forum or in a chat) from your account can still cause your account to be banned/removed.

No. Nobody, except me is using this account. Whatever…

Ya must be cursed bro

Well this is quite bad but i have to do this.
I was actually the person who finally did you finally.
Before that you were reported for disrespectfull and rude behavior.

I actually reported you for sexuall harasment in a disrespectal way, even after i told you to stop.

I hardly can believe that your account was hacked and thats is strongly underlined by this thread.
I would recommand that you let this thread close and leave it as it is.
Focus on developing.

Time for a new identity ^^