What is usual way importing scene textures?


Below image is not unreal but other 3d software rendered scene. (oven and other things are still on the way…just made this to test.)
I want to import this into unreal.


I’m not sure which is best way. (below image is ONE mesh, not seperated)

  1. Just export it as FBX–then unreal simply import all the materials automatically. It is convenient, but I’m not sure if it is good method…and specular doesn’t seem to work well. also I think I should bake normal map because Unreal can’t read bump maps. (am I right?)

  2. Bake diffuse color, normal map, roughness, etc,. then adjust materials in Unreal–I usually do this, but I have to seperate glass and emission materials when baking, also baking takes some work.

  3. …any other way?

I’m not asking about full tutorial, I just wanna know what is most common method.

Thx ahead.

temp 7.png

I do it this way, because you always have to do some stuff in your material (the UE4 just automatically generates a really basic material):

  1. export all needed textures from your 3d program → normal map, diffuse map, specular map,…
  2. import everything
  3. create the materials + add all textures + adjust it (e.g a stronger specular effect, metallic effect,…)
  4. apply it to your mesh :slight_smile:

With the bump offset node you can use your bump map -> for parallax shading and you can also use the bump map for tessellation

I used to do that, baking diffuse color, normal map, specular, and created new materials then adjusted textures.

But when I made a mistake making everything as one big mesh, importing automatically is very tempting.

thx for reply :slight_smile: