What is Unreal Engine's alternative for Blender's Mapping Node in Material Nodes?

By the mapping node I mean this: Mapping Node — Blender Manual. I am new to unreal and struggling to find its alternative. Thanks <3

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in the material graph search for “textureCoordinate” it looks like this

It outputs a Vector2 ( U and V - though these are synonymous with R and G ) The value in the bracket . . . TexCoord[0] is the specific UV channel ( coordinate index) to use on a mesh ( so if in Blender you have multiple UVMaps this is how you specify which to use ).

I can recommend Ben Cloward’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BenCloward/videos for shader building details.


Update . .

Oops, sorry for totally fogetting to then answer your question ( distracted by unrelated matters ).
So, the actual answer is, No ( to the best of my knowledge) . There isn’t a direct equivalent to that UV combined transform node.

However, it is not complicated to replicate, this being the basic setup. [ The CustomRotator Node is also a standard node ]

If you are inclined you could convert this into a material function then use it where-ever you need.


How would I use the texcoord node to scale textures? I’m trying to scale a noise texture vertically only right now and can’t find any answers