What is this rendering glitch? Nothing shows correctly, visibility collision is see through.

EDIT: i fixed it, though i still do not understand it. I created a new clean FPS project and closed it. In the old corrupted project I right clicked in the content browser on the content folder, and migrated everything to the new clean one. I opened up new new clean one, and loaded on the map. Everything is there and looking clean and good. WHY??? WHY? does it work, and why does it break? I dont know but it works.

In this video i go through the visibility options in the view port. Theres a problem rendering anything correctly. The only thing that is accurate is the wireframe view.
I list problems with the annotations.

at 2:02 here is a shader complexity issues i just noticed while recording.
It’s off the charts, showing pink and white. The same materials and objects show green shader complexity in a different scene. Is the shader destroyed? What broke?

I suspect something did not save correctly. I tried making a backup becuase I could tell this was going to happen. The backup is corrupted to.

I need to know what this is or how to fix it. Has anyone had this problem?