What is this node?

I’m trying to follow a tutorial and the guy uses a node that’s called “Step”, and I can’t find it:

I suspect “Step” is just the name he gave it, and I don’t know how to find that node.

If anyone can help, I’d much appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Could you send a link to the tutorial? That would make it easier to figure out.

Ah yes, thought I had included that, sorry. Here:

I tried to download the uasset file from the Github link but it doesn’t show up in the engine.

Well, if i search it, it shows up, and it also comes in two variants. First being your Step node, the other one is a SmoothStep. Using UE 4.26.2

Ah, it seems I’m a couple versions late compared to you. That must be it, cause I don’t have a “Math” category when I look for step. I’ll update now. Thank you!

EDIT: yes that was it. Thanks again!