What is the status of "Pending" Marketplace items?

Looking at the Trello board, there are quite a few items in the “Pending” column, almost all of them past due. Is there any information on when these items will be available in the Marketplace?

Hey there!

I know this is a bit late but we’ve gone through quite a bit of changes so I thought I’d update you on what those are. In the past Pending was what we used for submissions that were stuck in some fashion in the submission process for a variety of reasons. As you may have noticed recently, our Trello boards are no longer in use, this is because we’re discontinuing the use of Trello entirely. We’ve found that most of our sellers do a great job advertising their content on the forums and the users are giving more valuable feedback there then they got on Trello. Our hope is that with Trello gone we can get submissions out sooner and at a faster rate. You can read more about our decision to do that and continue the discussion here if you like: Announcement: Discontinuing the public Trello board - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums.

I hope that answers your questions and again, sorry for the late response.