What is the situation with single-pass stereo rendering?

I find it very difficult to find any information about this.

My internet search skills might be bad, but must I download VrWorks from Nvidia to get this working?

In Unity, it’s a checkbox, and you need to make sure your shaders and post processing effects support it (so it’s mentioned quite often on their forums).

But here, when I search, it rarely seems to come up. Perhaps it’s referred to as something different in Unreal?

Exactly :slight_smile:
Edit > Project Settings > Rendering > VR > Instanced Stereo checkbox.

Thank you!

The built in instanced stereo rendering mode uses a totally different approach and implementation to NVIDIA’s VRWorks single-pass rendering. You can only get single-pass rendering by using the VRGraphics branch of NVIDIA’s custom fork of UE4.