What is the reason and/or fix for UE5 (5.03 & 5.1) freezing my whole pc?


I’m an Unreal Engine artist and very dependant on the software to execute my profession and get my income.

As I’m working on projects that often have tight deadlines, crashes and things like that can be very stressful, but I’ve always been able to manage my way around those issues or deal with them head on.

Lately, I’ve been having an issue that I can’t really find a solution for though. Since a month or two ago my Unreal has been acting up (I think or maybe it’s a hardware issue). When working on projects (I have tried multiple projects) it often happens that my UE will get stuck and freeze, I can still operate the rest of my pc. But the moment I try to close UE or force quit it or any other option to close it, my whole computer freezes and the only way to get it to work is by hard resetting the pc… which I’ve done too many times by now.

Did anyone else experience this and now a solution or at least what the problem is? I’ve been looking around for a solution for a while now and haven’t found anything yet.

Thank you in advance to everyone offering help, I really appreciate it and hope we can find a solution!

All the best

I’ve been having the same issue, I haven’t found any solutions to it though, I even redownloaded version 5.0.3 and it still did it. I’ve never had this happen to me before either - opens projects the fine but after a few clicks maybe opening a mesh or something everything just freezes. Only thing I could think of maybe is wallpaper engine is using too much of my PC or it’s just a simple bug that needs to be patched? I personally don’t run any plugins either besides any ones that already come installed.

Same problem here
From freezing on saving the project
To just moving a mesh
It is a hell and needs to be fixed fast
Because same as u this is the main program used for my job as level designer and if i cant make dealines it can cost my job
And im intrested on how mutch the take a look at these posts
I even changed all parts in my pc so i can confirm its not hardware based

Same here. I don’t need to take any action to make it happend. Just opened project and 30sec after UE freezing without any error.
My pc:
Ryzen 3700x
Raden RX 5700
Ram: 48gb

Same for me. I’ve been experiencing complete freeze of my computer with black screen “no signal detected” when I try to render. I’ve spent my all weekend on this issue, stress tested cpu/gpu but it does not seem to be a material issue. UE 5.1.

After one month of work and new projects to do this is a nightmare.