What is the proper VR plugin setup when building for Steam?

Hi there,

I’ve made a VR experience that works well on the Oculus and passes all the validation checks on the Oculus store, but I’ve run into some problems as I’m now working on the Steam version that will also support Vive. Initially, I enabled both Steam VR and Oculus plugins in UE4, but when the Oculus plugin is enabled the Steam overlay won’t trigger anymore. However, If I disable the Oculus plugin, the Steam overlay works but the Oculus touch and remote will not trigger any input apart from launching the Steam overlay or Oculus Dash. Also, the “Get VR Focus State” will always return false, “Get num of tracking sensors” will always return zero, and the “Get HMDDevice Name” will always be “Steam VR” (which prevents me from showing menus with the correct controller options when using Oculus).

So should I just enable both Steam VR and Oculus plugins and simply live with the fact that the Steam overlay doesn’t work?

The proper setup is to enable both Steam VR and Oculus, but only the Steam online subsystem (and not the Oculus one). This still means that the Steam Overlay will not work when using the Oculus.

Did you find the solution ?
I also have this problem ,I disable the Oculus plugin for steam overlay but without this “IsMotionSourceTracking” always return true once it connected , does not toggle or turn false when controllers are OFF.
When I enable Oculus Plugin , it resolve the tracking problem but steam overlay does not show up on pressing menu button of Oculus touch controller.
Please,guide me in a right direction.