What is the next step to playing online with my game?

You would need a way to connect to each other and this can be done
with the console command “Open”. The host just needs “open MAPNAME?listen”.
The client needs “open IPADDRESS”.

Mapname and ipaddress are depending on your game and the one who opened the game
as host. You can call this with the “Execute Console Command”. Although the console
is removed when you package the game, this Node still works.

To enter the ip address, you can use UMG and promote the textfiled as variable that
gets append to the string “open”. Thats all i guess. Maybe you need to open a port :smiley:

I have followed the Networking video tutorials and everything is working as it should. When I Play in Editor with 2 clients, my characters can interact with each other just fine.

Now my question is: What do I have to do in order to be able to play online with my friend inside my game? I assume I would have to package it and then send him a link to download, but I also assume there must be some other steps before we can play online together.

Thank you!

I tried connecting from my laptop to my PC after opening a listen server as you suggested but nothing happens when I type in the console “open xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” (the x’s being my actual address of course) on the client. I also disabled windows firewall on both computers. Do you know what ports I would have to open?