What is the most efficient way to obtain Player's character locations across multiple players?

Hello all,

I need to capture the current player’s character location and share across all clients. They all inherit from the ACharacter class, so their locations are shared out-the-box. Does this also mean I can access that location via c++ without having to explicitly share again (e.g. share via character tick to player state).

I’m thinking since ACharacter is doing a lot of sharing already, is there a way to piggyback it.

Thank you!

Current location on each client will vary do to ping/loss/jitter. If you need accuracy at the frame level then you will need to capture the locations as needed on each client.

Get all actors of class will return all characters, but it isn’t efficient. Multi-sphere trace from the autonomous proxy with a large enough radius will do the job.

I’m using net cull distance to only grab those that are relevant.