What is the maximum size of a mesh that navigation will generate for?

So I cannot seem to get my navmesh to actually generate for my larger sized terrain, is there a maximum size limit for the navmesh that it will generate on? If so, why is there a limit for this?


If you are using a bigger level, what you will want to do is use a Navigation Invoker, which will dynamically generate the necessary NavMesh around whatever actor you place the Invoker on. This is also useful because it is better performance-wise than generating a single, large NavMesh.

In order to get this to function, you’ll need to go into your Project Settings->Navigation System->Navigation Enforcing and enable Generate Navigation Only Around Navigation Invokers. You’ll still need the NavMeshBoundsVolume, but when you add the NavInvoker component to your actors, it will only generate the mesh in the areas around those actors.

However, while it is recommended to use Nav Invokers, you can increase the size of the NavMesh by going into Navigation Mesh->Generation and changing the Tile Size UU. This is an alternative method, but will not be as performant as using the Navigation Invokers.

Feel free to come back with any specific questions regarding how to set the Invokers up if anything comes to mind.

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Sorry for Hijacking this Topic but I have some related Issue.

First I would like to note that there’s misleading Editor Information stating “Once enabled results in whole world navigible” which is not true. NavInvokers create only Navmesh as long as they are within a Navmesh bounds volume. (As of ue4.10)

My Problem is that I truly want the whole world Navigable, so I scale the Navmeshbounds Volume to a huge size, which first freezes the Editor for ages, and once finished the NavInvokers don’t generate a Navmesh. If I scale down the Navmesh it will freeze again and the Invokers will create navmeshes, but only within the limited Bounds of the Volume. So the Question is, how do I get the whole World navigable for Invokers.

I searched really long for proper usage of Invokers but couldn’t find any usable documentation beside your post (after like 3 hours of research). So it would be nice if there was some more Information available within the UE4 Docs.

btw. is it possible to move to locations outside of the Invoker radius? I

Go to Edit->Project Settings->Navigation Mesh and search for the Runtime Generation option. Set it to Dynamic.

Also, go to Edit->Project Settings-> Navigation System and search for the Generate Navigation Only Around Navigation Invokers option. In order for the invoker to generate a Nav Mesh, it must been inside of a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume.

Hey aWinter, I wonder if you have found a solution to your problem? I’m quite sure I currently see the same issue.