What is the Max Displacement setting under Tessellation for?

I can’t find anything in the docs about it, and I don’t see any difference between 0,0.5,1,100 ect when I test it, so I have no idea what it is for :slight_smile:

It’s there to fix some cases where high displacement causes cracks at some viewing angles (for example the community ocean shader uses this).

So what does the value actually represent, a viewing angle, a displacement height/strength? Is it from 0-1 or 0-180? If I use a value of 15, what does it mean?
Thank you!

I’m not sure exactly what it does internally but the value can go as high as you need (it’s not 0-1).

For example if your displacement is about 100 units then you would set it to 100 or a little over that to compensate.

Normally you don’t need to touch that tough unless you are starting to see cracks.

Ah got it, I tested it by setting it to 31 (my displacement strength is currently at 30) and it got rid of the cracks.

Thank you!