What is the logic for NOT having a Master Content Library accessible to all my projects?

Well you have to remember is that your content browser is essentially all the files within ‘your project’.

I’m guessing having lots of unused assets in a game would make it have more bloat, slower and take up more space. Unreal is a game engine first, not a library for assets.

Maybe if they could design a simple ui just to search through folders within your pc and other projects; and then let people store assets wherever?

Industry standard and hobbyists aren’t always gonna mesh perfectly.

Hello. I’ve just started working with Unreal as an alternative to e-on Software’s Vue, so I’m a total Newb. I’m not a game designer. I just want to create cinematic scenes. The first frustrating thing I’ve noticed is there is no Master Content Library to pull from as there is in Vue. It seems the only solution is to migrate whatever assets I need from a previous project into a new project. This seems totally inefficient to me. It requires me to remember which projects a certain asset may have been used in. If I wanted to create a scene with trees and rocks, I have to go around and collect all the trees and rocks from previous projects. Or download from the Marketplace some scene with similar content from the and delete all the assets not needed. This is insane. In my searches, I’ve found this question goes back a number of years, but nothing has changed, but no clear reason for why such a thing doesn’t exist. What is the logic for this?

I’m guessing having lots of unused
assets in a game would make it have
more bloat

You should only cook and package the maps and assets you actually use, not your whole project… =)

So in the project settings you can select which maps to include.

Thank you guys for your responses. I would think a better design, that would allow for such a library, would be to create a function that compiles all the props, materials, etc. actually used in the project, and packages them together for the final output or cook. As it stands, every time you want to add something new to the scene you have to search other projects for it. That’s a waste of time and energy.

I understand that. but since I started with UE4, I have 12 “practice” works in progress. Each one has its own Starter Content folder which is 13gb. That’s 104gb of unnecessary files taking up valuable hard drive space. There only needs to be one folder that all 12 projects can access. Oh well.

Yes. I’ve already run into that. Not to mention I have twelve projects going, each with its own 13gb of Starter Content taking up space.

There is no logic unfortunately. If you keep getting assets from the same supplier, you can end up with a lot of dupes!..