What is the intended way to handle FoV in an FPS?

Hi all,

I’m working on an FPS and would like to be able to change the FoV of the scene without modifying the FoV of the weapon and hands mesh. As I understand it now, there are only 2 rather hacky solutions to this problem: using panini projection (which leads to a loss in resolution at the centre of the screen), and overriding GetRenderMatrix() within USkeletalMeshComponent, which achieves the desired result but leaves muzzle VFX rendered at the FoV of the scene, meaning that they are visibly detached with the VFX floating in front of the gun. Is there any preferred method of handling this within Unreal, or, failing that, a means of overriding GetRenderMatrix() (or an equivalent) within either a Niagara or Cascade particle system?

Thanks <3

I’m curious for a solution to this as well. I also used the panini method and got the same issue with guns and attachments ‘floating’ separately with panini attached to all the materials used. My goal was to have the arms and weapons/attachments rendered around 80 FOV and the game at 100+ FOV. But so far the results look awful. With the hands sliding and moving during idle and aim down sight animations.