What is the equivalent node in UE4 for Blender's Musgrave Node?

Sup, I’m trying to recreate Poliigon’s non-tiling nodes How to Tile a Texture Without Repetition - Blender Tutorial - YouTube, in UE4, and the only thing so far I don’t see the equivalent to is the Musgrave node Musgrave Texture Node — Blender Manual, though UE4 has Perlin 3D Noise nodes, I don’t see octave control described here Vector Expressions | Unreal Engine Documentation

Is there a way to accomplish this? I assume so, UE4 cannot not have it… unless they already have a non-tiling node function already, and I don’t know about it.

Given Idk what Idk, but I know Idk a lot about UE4 given I’ve been studying it for 2 weeks, this has been solved already, i.e., they use Micro and Macro Texture Variation groups to accomplish the same thing, with the addition of using a normal kinda tessellation by distance fading to flat the further away from the camera an object is…which I thought was cool.

I came across an example while I was learning how to be a DP (not get DP’d) in UE4 because the course used the starter assets, and I happened to look at how they were constructing the shaders, specifically the M_Ground_Grass, given it’s similarity to Blender’s example, if anyone else was scratching their head wondering wth, too.

Thanks all, for the help.