what is the difference between pixel streaming and Simple Data Integration in UE4 ?

Ok after some research looks like pixel streaming might be a good option for sending data to change some features like for example a wall color or material in an architectural bim visualization in unreal on a remote server and doing this by accessing a web or an application on another pc , laptop or android device?

Also what is the difference between** pixel streaming** and **Simple Data Integration in UE4 by Helios ? **
Looks like they do the same thing but the pixel streaming is the official version of it ?

Also the second requires me to install Apache and run a web server on my own pc but Pixel streaming? I haven’t understood if I have to also create a server and load there the content or if instead pixel streaming creates the server on its own?
Sorry but I have 0 experience with server setup but I would like to use that technological aspect of Unreal.

Thanks for any help.