[Guide] Cloud Pixel Streaming

Hello everyone!

We know a lot of people struggle getting Pixel Streaming running in the cloud, and that there is a distinct shortage of guides out there.

For our own personal use, as well as the use of the community, we’ve created an easy to follow guide showing the steps involved to get a basic Pixel Stream running on the cloud, which you can find here:

This guide is being added to over time, so check back in for more useful information/other relevant guides.

Feel free to open issues on this repository if you have improvements or suggestions.

Please note this repository isn’t a channel to request support with Pixel Streaming. If you’re having difficulties, please use the official channels such as UDN or the UE forums!

This guide is released freely and openly under creative commons license. TensorWorks is committed to contributing back to open source software. We’re heavily engaged in UE4 Pixel Streaming, we believe the future of Pixel Streaming is the ability to run it at scale cost effectively on the cloud.

If you would like to read more, check out our blog post. If you’re interested in Scalable Pixel Streaming, please reach out.


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