What is the best way to implement something like a throw/super move in Street Fighter V in Unreal?

Would you use matinee or a cinematic sequence? How do you get 2 characters to interact like that with varying dramatic camera angles?

You’re getting ahead of yourself if you haven’t figured out the other more fundamental parts of the game yet.

How would you approach the problem?

I would use a search engine. I wouldnt ask a “how to” about a game type effect that a lot of developers may, or may not have played. I havent played street fighter since 1990’s.
I would ask the search engine about ue4 camera switching tutorials like this. ue4 camera tutorial at DuckDuckGo

I have used a search engine, no one talks about this stuff.

@darthviper107 I ask because this is one of the questions that came up during my Epic sponsored Unreal Engine 4 dev group that I run for you guys. It would be nice to be able to give them an answer.

It’s going to depend on the type of game (for example you could do it with sequencer but in some types of games you might have to account for the different setting in some way so it would need to be more dynamic in the effects and camera) And it heavily depends on your framework in how you make your fighting game, which is why you need to have that stuff figured out, build from something small and go up.