What is the best way to blend scratches to an existing material?

I want to blend a detail tiled map for scratches. I don’t know how to setup my texture properly so that I can only get the scratches details. Right now when I blend my main diffuse texture with my scratches texture, It kinda blends properly, using an overlay node, but it also blends some white color information with it. What would be the proper setup for my scratches texture and my material in order to blend only the scratches and not anything around it (Photoshop setup as well, I’m using PNG - 8 Bit). I use a mask that I paint inside unreal to determine where the scratches will be visible on the model.

I’d appreciate if someone could post a material setup screenshot for achieving this (and also the PNG or other format setup in Photoshop). I blend my color map with the scratches color map but I don’t get the result I want. I’d like to only get the dark information from the scratches texture, and not the white. I have tried most of the blend nodes, and none of them gives me the result I want.

This is the result I get, with the white information that I want to get rid of (I only want the scratches, black color, and not the white around it) - The issue is less visible where the color of my model matches the texture color I use for the scratches. On darker colors, it’s more visible.

Scratches texture


Right now your scratches only seem to affect the Base Texture, however it should mainly affect the reflection.
You should play around with using the scratches texture on either the Roughness or Specular slot (preferably only the Roughness one).

As for your Base Texture scratches, using a Lerp between the unscratched surface and the scratches mask multiplied by the color you’d like the uncovered area to have should suffice (inverting the scratches mask will allow you a larger choice of colors). Overlay doesn’t quite just mean for it to intelligently put one material over the other - Blending mode functions often aren’t worth their cost, try to circumvent them by other means.
Arguably you could also make a normals texture from the scratches and use that aswell however I’m personally not a fan of that.

Modified scratch texture I used : http://imgur.com/r88RlNn

This is working well, thanks a lot BMAliens!

Well looks like you snipped that just as I was writing about it - if you’re using a seperate texture for the scratched off areas for the base Texture to still get color variation Lerp won’t come as handy like you’ve noticed, if the texture is set up correcly you can simply either Add or Multiply it with the objects texture to prevent the bleeding effect you had.

hehe, not used to such a high level of responsiveness on a forum. :wink:

Yeah, that’s what I’ve noticed like you said. I ended up doing this and it seems to work correctly now with no bleeding and allowing me to change the color at will:

Try mixing in a few normal maps as well.

Hey. Listen i am trying to get my textures scraped up, like from outside they are plain and simple but from the inside, the roof/ceiling are torn apart. I can’t find any assets for that but if i can find a way to get a plain texture and with editing i can make it look scraped up, that’d be very helpful. If u can help me with that.