What is the best way to add a blank class to a project?

Currently, I can see no way of adding a blank class to the project using the editor wizard. This leaves me with adding a new header /cpp file from visual studio but this has proven problematic particularly when porting code from my beta project and the shooter demo, to my new 4.01 project. Using this method, I can quite easily break the project when the project module/editor isn’t compiled and the class isn’t referenced in the generated build info. This leaves no way to have the editor create the “foo.generated.h” header and thus makes it difficult to recompile without excluding/removing references to the new class.

If you just want a class that derives from UObject, you can use the “Add Code to Project…” option in the editor.

On the first page, check the “Show All Classes” option, and then select “Object” as your base class.

Thanks .