What is the best VR headset for developing in UE4?

I’m totally new to VR and about to buy either the Vive or Occulus, but I can’t figure out which will be the best for developing games in UE4. Price and spec is very similar so really it comes down to which is best for unreal development.

Do I need to buy both controllers if I want to develop for both? Which is best supported by Unreal?

For the most part you can use either controller system to target the other, but depending on how detailed your control scheme is you may need to reference the controller directly (track pad vs joystick). The both work well with UE4 but I find Rift easier to take off and on and the touch controllers hold a charge longer. This makes day to day life easier since you’ll need to jump in and out of VR often.

The rift is what UE4 uses themselves I’m pretty sure, and the sensors make it way easier to take on and off as lapbar said. The Vive is less shakey overall I’d admit, but I’d personally go with a rift. Just make sure your computer can handle it and that you have the right slots on your card before you buy one.

My university has a set of vives and I own an oculus. Testing the oculus feels straight forward; testing the vive, I have to pick up every device in one hand before I launch or I’ll get errors (don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but eh).

interesting, I have seen the same with my Samsung Odyssey, (pick it up to wake or keep ‘awake’ right?) If my WMR Mo-Controllers fall asleep, I have to CLOSE Unreal and Re-Open my project with them on again! You just gave me an idea, I will try the REVIVE /v Remixed from Github and try to get Unreal to Skip Steam and Steam VR like it does with my RIft, (which is VERY Smooth in Unreal for sure)

If on Rift, you ever have the problem where you have to hit 'PLAY VR Preview button 2x to get VR window to start, go to your OCULUS Home startup, find the Exe and in Properties, tell it to Start as Administrator with check box, , for some reason that fixes the need to click play twice! (It does not Need HOME loaded, to play VR direct out of Unreal… That’s all done with the Oculus Runtime boot driver!!

I’d go for the Rift myself. It’s the better headset with the best motion controllers (at least until the Knuckles controllers are released) and is cheaper.

Thanks for the advice everyone. Although you all said Rift, in the end I got the Vive lol! After all my research it seemed like it was the best choice for me and I’m not disappointed. Only problem is I can’t stop playing VR games now oops.