What is the best source to use for learning to program

Either for blueprint and c++ or both. What is the best site to learn to program in unreal engine 4. A site that teaches you what things like =false, =true, or oneronlysee. I am a beginner but it can be a website at any level

I would suggest this:

C++: Look into understanding the basics of C++. There’s many sources to look at online even videos like thenewboston . If you have a good understanding with C++, look into some tutorials with C++ as well. Try to make a simple task with C++ and try to build from it.

Blueprint: Theres SOOO many resources for Blueprint on and the forums (RIP forums for now until it’s back up).

Overall… It’s about doing your research and practicing.

thanks for the advice

If you don’t even know what true and false means you should NOT deal with Unreal at all. You can not learn multiple things at the same time. Get a solid understanding of C++ first (which is hard enough since it is a @#@%@#$~!^ language, but that’s beside the point).

Here is a good reference site for C++ but not necessarily the best to learn: link text

Try a “For Dummy” book if you’re really that new, they are a good start.

I am a seasoned programmer (30+ years) and I struggle with Unreal Every day although I am working with it for over a year now. Believe me you don’t want to deal with UE when you don’t even know how to program, let alone program in C++.

This course might help…and it is free.

I would not try to understand all of C++ in it’s entirety. (Unreal don’t use a lots of templates for example)