what is the best method to have a character's reflection...

on semi clear water when the character is off screen? meaning SSR is not an option, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

thank you

SSR cubemaps, and planar/raytracing if your willing to spare a lot of fps are the only realtime ones available in ue4, and are the only ones that i know even exist.

Not necessarily true.
if you set it up manually you can set up the render to cost between 4 to 6ms on a scene that costs around 18ms.
Still an expense but not “a lot” being less than 50% of the total…

Also, just as a general point. Reflection captures like this are only really used on cinematic you pre-render for the user… using them on a game is impractical because of their nature.

  • rendering what is already on screen again from a different angle.

thank you everyone for the advice, this is for a short/animation competition, so fps does not concern me that much, i just need good reflections, however i have tried planar reflection before i posted this, but the results were not that good, maybe i did not fine tuned it correctly? the lighting in the reflections looked different than the character that was reflecting from. Any other technique available? thank you again.

Only other way is doing it manually.

Create a render target 2d to render what you need the reflection to look like (for a short this can work fine).
Make the water material use the render texture which you can adjust however you wish in the material - distortion, ripples, refraction, etc.

Doing this you can thoroughly control the way the image is initially rendered by adding a post process material to the capture, or whatever else you wish to change on it.

thank you, ill try that.

Planar reflections*