What is the best Matinee exporting settings ?

Guys how do you guys export your videos with good quality for youtube ?
im having trying jpg/bmp export to adobe premiere H264 HD1080 29.97 but seems that avi is a little better even with the lag issues i got with avi format when i convert it to H264 seems those lag issues got fixed but i lose quality how do you guys export matinee to youtube ?

The way I did it previously, was to export the Matinee sequence as a BMP sequence and then import them as one Image Sequence in Adobe After Affects (not familiar with premier but I imagine it can do the same). It’s more costly on disk space, but definitely gives better results (and it’s silky smooth).

There is currently no way to export audio in either realtime or offline, though I expect (hope) that’s coming with sequencer, or you can spot audio clips to the movie clip in AE/Premier.

thx for the tip i will try but what your settings for export for youtube at max high quality ?

i still need help anyone ?

I will close this thread because you have a 2nd one with the same question: :wink: