What is the best IDE to use?

The udk kit looks great but was wondering is it overkill to use it to make a footie manager game, i’m currently at the end of my second year at uni and have experience of programming in c/c++ java, and looking to get into games dev and was going to start a project to take up the summer months any advice would be welcome.Last year i coded a simple game in the XNA ide but microsoft doesn’t support it anymore need a dev enviroment that’s future proof.

VS2013 is the best suit ide for UE4 overall is building system is based around it

As for UE4 suitable for football menager, it depends on how you want to make it. If UI only then indeed UE4 is overkill and you could something on lower level (with normal windows ui with .NET in VS2013?), if something showkng players playing then UE4 might be right.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as future proof in this industry. Expect to learn a new language/engine every couple of years.

I’ve worked some with UE4 and Unity and either one would probably work. Neither one appears to have a great UI manager which is probably going to be what you need. If you’re looking into the mobile/indie scene, Unity seems to be more popular right now. If you’re looking at the AAA market, UE4 may be better, although it’s still a bit rough around the edges. I’d also take a look at HTML/Javascript. There are products like Coherent UI which allow you to use HTML for the UIs, and they may have educational discounts. HTML is a great fallback skill.

You also might be mercenary and check the help wanted ads to see what skill sets are hiring :wink: