What is the best book for learning C++?

What is the best book for learning C++?

Hello ema43,

The c++ section of the Unreal Engine forums is the best place to go for this sort of information, and here is a link to a getting started page that provides some helpful links: Getting Started: C++ Gameplay Programming References - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums

Hi ema43,

recommendation allways depends on your background.

  • Is C++ your first programming language?

  • Do you have programmed anything in the past?

  • What do you want to do with C++ (just make gameplay features or modify the engine or even programm something else then games)?

Without these questions answered it is impossible to give “the right” recommendation.

I’m a lead programmer from a (indie) game studio and I have noticed that just knowing how to programm in a specific language doesn’t make you a good programmer. You need to learn how to solve problems with a programming language.
I personaly would recommand you books, which gave you some well defined and tested patterns to solve problems.
Because just to know how to write in english doesn’t mean that you can write a Novel. You must learn how to do it.

Choose this book if you just want to develop games and if you have less programming knowledge

Game Patterns

Or this if you want a more general book (every programmer in the world MUST!!! know this book)

Design Patterns

If you have no programming skills at all I would recommand you any youtube tutorial about C++ you could found. Begin with the basics and then start with the UE4 API. I personaly would recommand you the documentation instead of the tutorials on youtube (most of the time they are obsolete).

learning C++

  • how I said you can use any Youtube tutorial you can find
  • MVA can help too

Learning the UE4 API

One last advise from me. Please begin as soon as possible to read the documenation. It must be your first place to learn the API. Without reading the documentation you will not be able to understand the API at all no matter how much tutorials you watched.

I hope I could help you :slight_smile:

best regards