What is the best Blender tutorial for a N00B like me?

I’m getting pretty good using UE4 but wan’t to make my own assets. I got Blender and installed it. read some tutorials and got horribly confused. Not a N00b friendly program. :frowning: Help! Or at the very least any free alternatives?

I was the same, it’s hard man really hard…I found another program called ‘Wings3D’ and that has made my life easier :slight_smile:

Wings3d? So it works great with unreal 4?

Yeah, it works fine with UE4. You still need to understand the concepts of 3D modelling but it’s so intuitive that I was able to model assets within 15 minutes of installing it without reading any documentation.
I didn’t like to controls for it though but in the preferences I changed it to sketchup preset and it was comfortable to use

I remember an old program called anim8or. Used to use it for Thief 2 FM’s. I hope Wings is like it.

Also I should add, can I use it to make animated characters in UE4? That’s kina important.

No, unfortunately not…You can make the characters but not rig and animate them, however saying that I did find some other tools to rig characters (Pinocchio).

So if I wan’t to rig them I have to use blender? Also is Pinocchio any good. Easy I mean

I only found Pinocchio the other day, it auto rigs meshes so yes, very easy…you’ll need to read the guides though because it’s a command line tool and you need to provide some arguments. There are some free scripts for blender too that will auto rig characters…I’ve not tried them though.

Hmm… I’ll have to try that. Wings3d sound pretty good! Blender is the most famous and HARDEST to learn… But if there is some Scripts that might do it. :slight_smile: Also, do I need to do some wierd scaling stuff as in Blender with Wings3d?

The scale in Wings3D matches UE4 (1 unit = 1CM) however the axis dont match, Y is up in wings whereas Z is up in UE4. Maybe this can be changed via the preferences but I simply rotate my model to match just before export.

Okay, That doesn’t sound hard. Can I use it in Linux? I can’t afford Windows 7,8, all of them. If not I have xp, but would prefer it in Linux. Unbuntu Linux I should say.

Sure, it works with Linux: Downloads | Wings 3D

Thanks ULLS! That look awesome! I’ll get into that right away! Can’t wait but I’ve got to go over to my grandmothers house and water plants. :frowning: well it’s for a good cause. :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Well forget watering, it’s sprinkling over here now! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Now onto the asset creation! :slight_smile:

Definitely BornCG Blender 2.7 Tutorial Series

This guy has incredible talent to explain things!

Look up Darrin Lile on Youtube.

Also, a guy named Alimayo Arango or some such on YouTube has some really good step-by-step hands-on tutorials that I learned a lot from. Explains things in real layman’s terms. I’m a tard and his stuff helped me considerably.

Blender has SO MUCH great tutorial work online because of its open source nature. I had a really hard time finding things as remotely useful for Maya.

yes there are lots of tutorials for blender online just keep in mind not all of them are kept up to date, that said there are a lot of blender users here so help is never far away (done a bit myself)

as for wings3d not looked at it for years so i’m not sure how well it works with UE4, but so long as you can export as obj or fbx you should be fine for static meshes, don’t forget to do you uvw maps before you export

Don’t worry I’ll remember to do uvw maps! I imported a simple box-thingy into UE4 seemed to work fine! :slight_smile: