What is r.HFShadowQuality

Of all the console commands, i have never seen this before, Could someone tell me what it does, as, it is not mentioned online anywhere besides in some INIs, and in UE4 Console Variables and Commands its never mentioned

If you type help in your UE4 console it will give you the local console commands help file. According to mine this is what it is:

Defines the height field shadow method which allows to adjust for quality or performance.
0: off, 1:low (8 steps), 2:medium (16 steps, default), 3:high (32 steps, hole aware)

You can also add a ? at the end of the command, in place of a value, to see that same tip in the console. But this looks like it’s related to the heightfield representation of landscapes either from the deprecated heightfield GI or distance fields.

Thanks for the answers