What is it with AAA developers/publishers?

I’m just watching a livestream on twitch about the new Ubisoft Rainbow Six game and its making me sad.

I’m sad because its very much a counterstrike clone. Its all about intense combat in limited spaces. Its all about using gadgets and grenades and stuff to blind-side your opponent.

What it isn’t about, is anything even remotely like Rainbow Six gameplay. Not even close.

Why do AAA developers think they can just **** out a title with shiny graphics and expect people to “hype” it? I mean ok, people are dumb, as twitch chat channels usually show. But are they really THAT dumb that they see a title like Rainbow Six and immediately are OK that its a counterstrike clone?

I dunno, it feels like if you’re going to “remake” a game, at least know what it is about the game that made it unique. If you don’t think you can sell the original type of gameplay, then don’t just **** all over the title by releasing something different and using the name?

For me, R6 was always about the tension of losing your life, or a teammates life. I’d feel really bad if anyone in my squad god killed. In this game, is pretty clear they expect one of the sides to lose the entire squad every round.

It frustrates me.

for short few competition so they don’t need to make it great but generic

cuz people will buy their generic games no matter what because they hype the **** out of it. If more people used their brains and stopped buying these games then AAA companies would be in big trouble because they make their money off hyping up generic games and getting big sellouts. I’m sure alot of AAA companies would go out of business if they had to make fewer more long lasting and less generic games.

So the real problem is us not them, stop buying their ****** games and they will have to either change that business model in favor for better games or go out of business.

Because it is way easier to hire people to make games pretty than to improve/create good gameplay.

Once upon a time, there was a purity to video games. If a game was great, word spread rapidly.
It used to be the same with movies. But now, more ‘Transformers of the Caribbean’ anyone?

Video Games have become as political as politics, with all the usual dirty tricks, spin doctoring and trolling that follows.
The core problem beyond fanbois, is that Publishers / Distributors have bought-in or built PR machines to spread disinformation.

Teams of robots (humans & bots) are now devoted to spamming forums and down-voting anyone who writes a thoughtful or critical review like yours.
At Triple-A studios, video game passion is largely dead as suits and super-suits now run the show exclusively. Look at what happened to Call-of-Duty!

But while big-film continues to eat its children, TV is going through a renaissance. So big video gaming may rise again from the ashes, eventually…

That still applies. Funny is today those games often look like they’ve been made 1992.

And that is exactly where UE4 shines, now indies don’t have an excuse to make something that actually looks good.

The problem is not in publishers. They problem is with consumers, which constantly buy those games.

Hardly. You should read more stories from small indie devs, to learn, that most games you never heard off, even if they are good,
because there is loads of them released every day, and you need good marketing to spread word around and get anyone interested enough to spread word further.

I think this is fundamentally why the Indie Game Development movement is gaining strength and place like Steam Greenlight are helping. AAA games and publishers will always be there and there will always be consumers for them … but there is room for those niche games and games developed by Indies.

AAA titles will maybe not make as much money as they used to … but they will remain profitable … well this is at least my take on the situation.

I have found myself move towards more niche games for my enjoyment (Congo, Kerbal Space Program) … I hardly ever buy AAA titles anymore and when I do … I normally buy the GOTY edition just so I can play the single player mode.

Agreed with Iniside.
Market filled with 2 types of people: those who like profit more than producing content and those who like producing content more than profit.

It’s pretty natural that first group of people get more money than second, thus allowing themselves to produce even more content aimed to generate revenue and this revenue allows them to produce this stuff again. Later they optimize their development process to produce content at higher rates to increase overall income.

I’m not blaming them - they are really good at their job and they simply does not care about games much, but IMHO it’s okay - they come for money, not for game and etc.

The real problems(IMHO) are customers who willing to pay for such projects and indie developers(Yes, feel free to hate me :slight_smile: ) who are willing to participate in WORLDWIDE MARKET, but have bad quality and poor marketing. I honestly believe that situation will change when indie developers will start to produce badass games with good marketing strategies that allows them make more good games!

Well put … and I agree with you 100% … you crazy person. 8-p

Meet my spirit animal!

The good, The bad, And the ugly

Battlefield 3 > 4 EA/DICE
Resident Evil 5 > 6 Capcom
Dead Space 1&2 > 3 EA/Visceral
Far Cry 2 > 3 > 4 Ubisoft
COD WM1&2&3 > BO1&2 > AW Activision/Sledgehammer
Crysis 1 > 2&3 Crytek

Yeah they have all fell into the pit of greed and since all the millions of people aren’t doing a coordinated attack against them and want to play games and have fun they constantly support these companies and help them dig deeper into the hole and there is no way around it. It’s like asking people to don’t eat food so the price of the food drops. They simply cannot last. The companies that care about the game itself more than caring about how many bucks they’d have in their pocket (because they know good game brings them even more bucks) would have all customer, developer and themselves happy. And the companies that get greedy and want to throw something out to get people’s money would put all customer, developer and themselves in a worse situation. Bright example being Crytek. People don’t buy their games as they did before, Developers left their studios, indie developers left their engine and the company is suffering a slow death. And I hope this happens to every single company that has taken the same direction so either they change or they fall apart and go away and make way for better ones.

Note: The chart is my personal idea.

UE4 does exactly that as well. UE4 is all pretties, and as soon as you want to go for more, you hit wall after wall.
UE4 is a pure ‘pretty looks’ engine. (in my humble opinion that is)

If you dont like the engine, move on. No point harping on about it. It doesn’t suit your needs, fine, a single engine cannot meet everyones needs.

I don’t want to derail the thread … so we need to take this back on topic … but have you expressed your concerns using the “Feedback for Epic” portion of the forums. But as GalaxyMan2015 pointed out … if the engine is not for you then that is also okay … not every enegine works for everyone.

Please can we steer the thread back on topic now … thanks. 8-}

Users here have to be more open to criticism, I think. My impression is, that as soon as you list negative points about UE4 here, you are called whatever and are told to go away.
I sure do like UE4. It is very strong in the user/beginner friendly department and lighting/rendering are top notch. It just has out-of-the-box short comings in more advanced areas, which unfortunately are required to do a full game.
But yes, in my opinion UE4 is all about the pretties, much like most AAA games that the OP complains about.

But as I mentioned … the users don’t need to hear the criticism … you need to raise it with the right people. Trust me … if you post in the feedback section, the right people will hear it. Right now you haven’t really elaborated on what your issues are with the engine … ignore the users telling you to leave … rather get involved and tell Epic what you feel needs to be changed or looked at.

If you aren’t willing to do that … then please don’t take this personally … but then you are crying wolf and your argument just becomes more noise. I challenge you to post in the “Feedback for Epic” section and see what happens. 8-}

You did not point out any weak points, from your previous post I assume you just meant you can’t create a game with it, and that’s what everyone is doing ATM. If you list them you’d certainly get support.

Can you move this thread to the feedback section

My current quirks with UE4 are in there, the lack of out-of-the-box multi-threading being the most crucial!