What is causing these normal map issues from XNormal/Maya 2014?


I recently got UE4 and I’ve been putting in my models that I have been working on for a while just to see whether my workflow applies to the UE4 one. It does not seem that way, as I’m getting severe normal issues from my model. Here’s the model before exported with the 2013 FBX exporter from Maya 2014:

And this is how it turns out inside of UE4:

I did nothing to the normal map nor the model, and the exported model has no deforms, nor does it have any history. What could cause this problem?

The z / blue component looks to be inverted.

No, I checked my normal map, and it is white as it should be. The other side (the one that is mirrored) of the gun seems to be functioning normally:

All it was to flip the green channel in the normal map. Problem solved!

Eureka! Thank you!! So simple, flip green… I was having the same problem with baked normals from blender … spent an entire day trying to figure out what was happening wrong. :slight_smile: