What is causing stuttering movement on clients?


I’m trying, as many others it would seem, to make a RTS/MOBA-type game. I’m having some issues with path finding and/or network syncing. When a click to move event is fired, I tell the server I want to move my character to the clicked location, it then does the path finding and moves my character. This works excellently on the Host, how ever, any clients that are connected and try to do the same thing ends up with an extremely stuttering movement. What’s weird is that if I somehow induce lag on the client the stuttering stops (If I alt-tab a lot, try to record, etc), until the window goes back into focus, which makes the stuttering start again. By stuttering I mean he moves in 10cm increments and shakes violently, whilst the host moves at about 2m/s without any shaking.

Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on? I’ve been battling with this for over a week now. Even tried to code my own path-finding (thinking somehow the ACharacter class had something to do with it). Any help is extremely appreciated.

Thank you.

I have the same issue!

I Had the same problem as well.
Was able to fix it by having the function run on the client also.

Here’s a video to demonstrate: (You can’t hardly see the studdering in the video I guess because of the limited frame rate)

Isn’t this what multicast does tho?.

I’m afraid this didn’t help me :frowning:
My stuttering is extremely excessive, and replicating the function doesn’t seem to do anything


I wanted to switch between simple and aiming movement. I’ve create an aiming movement in animation blueprint, and when I hold down the right mouse button, I switch to aiming movement. When I do that I turn off the Orient Rotation to Movement in Character Movement Component, and turn on the Use Controller Rotation Yaw. In Character Movement properties, below Networking I switched Network Smoothing Mode to Disabled.

I hope it helps.