What is better than static mesh for block building?

Hello all! So I have made a simple Minecraft type building game, with blocks, ramps, corners, all of that. Here is my question:

What is better performance wise for block building than static meshes? I have heard tons of people say to use Instanced static meshes but I had a problem where I couldn’t get it to remove the block you place. So I am just wondering what is best, and if instanced static meshes are 100% the way to go. Since it is a block building game I would think that would be harder with instanced static meshes but I could be completely wrong.

So, thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Yes best thing to use in this kind of game is Instanced static meshes, after I implemented them to my system I could create levels 10 times bigger without any lag problems.
And for removing an instance you need an index that you can grab from trace, and the component of the InstancedStaticMesh then just use RemoveInstance and that’s it.

Ok, thank you for the reply. Just one more question. Would that still be good for manually placing blocks? Because I have seen a few people say that it is only good for generation, but not manual placement.

If you mean manually creating the level is kinda hard(you need to do a lot of dirty work), but if you mean in run time all you need to do is to create the right function that will do all the hard work for you. Good luck

Thanks! I just meant that the player can place a block, and if that block that the player places in the world should be an instanced static mesh. That’s what I mean by manual placement, placement by the player in-game. Like Minecraft.

So yea there would be no problem for that but again you need to build a function, that will help you and do all the dirty work.

Ok thanks :slight_smile: