What is better for an FPS game? FPS Pawn or Third Person Pawn?

Hey everyone! I know most people won’t see this but if you do, please help, I’ve had a really big dream to make my own video game. I designed an idea and got to work, when i opened youtube for some tips (not good with programming and I’m probably worse than a beginner at blueprints and programming languages) I came across a video where a guy teaches you everything, but the only problem i seem to have is that he chose Third person pawn instead of first person at the first episode, after you’ve done the health mechanics and everything off of his video, he asks you to download a SWAT Mesh and an AK47 (it was tempting but i wanted to do everything from scratch) I tried to search up videos to help me code my very very bad pistol i made in blender and none worked, i did come across some videos that looked helpful but it was in the FPS Pawn, It’s much harder to make it in the Third Person, please someone help me on what I should do I’m stranded and making a game alone isn’t very easy when youre a beginner. Thanks <33

Hi, I use a FPS Pawn for first person view and a Third Person Pawn for third person view, I just found it easier that way.

But if you’re just starting to learn the engine, then I would suggest you follow a tutorial series to get started and use whatever is used in that series. Once you know your way around the engine you shouldn’t have much problem changing it one way or the other.

I wouldn’t make everything from scratch if you’re currently learning. The problem with that is that you will spent much time creating assets with the knowledge you currently have (you won’t use those assets later on anyway due to their quality) when the time might be better spent to expand that knowledge. and therefore enable you to create assets more quickly and more optimized and more specific to what you need.

If you wanna create them from scratch, then I would suggest you watch some hours of blender tutorials for modelling and redo them step by step and some hours for sculpting, then some high poly to low poly baking tutorials for blender and them some tutorials about quixel mixer for texturing that model. But might be better to first expand your knowledge about UE, so to get a better feeling of what poly count your models should have, how many materials, what texture sizes, …

And a great source for learning UE is the online learning Unreal Online Learning - Unreal Engine
the “AEC Blueprints by Example” might be a good starting point.