What is a "Stereo Static Mesh"?

I have looked:
In the Editor
On UE4 Answers
In the Documentation

Nothing tells me what the Stereo Static Mesh is or what it does or what it is meant for.

I haven’t seen it before so I am assuming it is something new and Stereo makes me think it is for VR.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what this is???

Hi QFGlenn

Can you give any context to where you saw this at? I’m not exactly sure what you’re referring to.

You’re not referring to Instanced Stereo Rendering mentioned in the 4.11 Release notes, are you? (4.11 release notes)

If you have more information about where got this from I can at least start looking and see what I can find about it. Unfortunately, not all of the staff know everything about everything, so I’ll do what I can to find out for you though. :slight_smile:



In a blueprint, click add component. Right below the option for static mesh is stereo static mesh.

Still begging to know what this is, no reply, not from twitter UE4 answeers or anyone… Come on I want to be one of the first to know! Tell me!


It does not much by looking over the Source Code. Its a Simple Static mesh with the Option to choose a Eye it will Render on. Options are Left, Right or Both.

What confuses me a bit though there are Panorama related classes too in that Plugin. So Im not sure if it will work with Normal VR or only with the Panorama Capture.

But thats about it. You can take a look at it yourself there is just a single Property and one additional Function.

This was confusing me - right now in 4.13, it’s not working when instanced stereo is turned on.