what is a better way to organize your texture's objects?


Looks like Unreal dislikes overlapped uvmaps… That’s fine… But means that I need to get textures with higher resolution (while there is no texture sharing space),
what is the recommended flow for this?

  1. unwrap object’s uv into single texture (the more object in scene, the more materials and less performance)
  2. unwrap object’s uv into an atlas texture (big atlasses, less objects per atlas = higher amount of big atlasses, each object per atlas ítem, more hdd space)
  3. any other?

Any tips?

Unreal doesn’t have any issue with overlapping UVs if it’s a non-Lightmap UV. By default, that’s UV1 while UV0 is the default for your tangent space and materials. How you unwrap your UVs for your texturing is completely up to you and your budget, but for Lightmap UVs check out:

Ok, thanks.
I was asking this because some of my objects are darker, for example a picture on my scene, Output says that lightmap UV is overlapping by 34.8%. This UV was created automagically by Editor while importing… Upper-right shows the uv itself… I guess is overlapping indeed…

Looks like i need to créate my own in Blender. or is there any way to edit in UE ?

Thanks again…

Yeah, in that case it is strictly a Lightmap UV issue where overlapping is actually a problem. Unreal’s Lightmap generator only generates the UVs based off of your UV0, so it can be kind of bad depending on the main UV set. I think the problem here is the amount of small triangles that at a default 32x or 64x resolution will instantly start overlapping. You can increase the resolution, if you haven’t already, in the Static Mesh window, something like “Lightmap Resolution” but also increase the padding for it as you increase the resolution with “Min Lightmap Resolution.” Use the Lightmap Density visualizer in the viewport to see what resolution is deemed ideal by Epic and based on the object’s scale.

That visualizer will be an excellent idea for sure…