What instead of anim trees?

Guys, in UDK it was quite straightforward. Once you had your animations in animset, then you created animtree and simply blend between those animations, using for example, blend by idle etc etc. What is the replacement for it in UE4, and are there any tutorials on how to do it. That is, having animations imported and them actually blend between them? I know there are blueprints but I’ve tried to look in them, and I didn’t see anything like blend by idle or things like that.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

In UE4 you create a special kind of Blueprint called an AnimBlueprint that blends the animations together. Rather than having preset “Blend By X” you can now blend by whatever you like, giving a lot more freedom to animators. We also support more advanced features like state machines. You can find some examples of simple AnimBlueprints in our templates, and we are working on more tutorials soon. There are some great docs here though:

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Hi JamesG,
Thank you for your reply. Just to give me a kick start, if I have three animations:

  1. Idle
  2. Walking
  3. Running

How should I go about it and blend them. In UDK I’d do blend by idle, idle anim connected to idle, second node blend by speed connected to blend by idle node and walking and running anims connected to blend by speed’s slow/fast connector respectively.
How would you do it in UE4?
I’d be really glad if you could help me with this simple example, as it would give me a some sort of kick start.
Thank you.

Check out this tutorial it might help? https://wiki.unrealengine.com/First_Person_Shooter_%28Tutorial%29#Animating_Your_Character Also Zak Parrish is putting together an animation tutorial which will cover getting animation into UE4 and get it working with Persona.

Simply use a BlendSpace1D with a parameter speed. You can look at the Third Person Template, where it is done this way. Or just have a look at the docs:

Hi, thanks for that link. Will check that out.

Hi, thanks. Will check that out.
Best regards