What instanced static mesh is the best method for best performance. Like 100 books in a shelf


i learned a lot about instanced static mesh and wondered what method is the best in the eye of performance.
Both methods use hierarchical instanced static mesh, but the second one looks cleaner for me. Is it still a instance that way, or do i have to do it the first way to
save resources for fps? Maybe all two are wrong. :wink: Thanks for discussion. Martin.




Hi Martin,
not sure if one method is better than the other in absolute terms. Probably it depends on the use case and on other factors.

What you can do is to try both, on the same meshes, then compare their performance using Stat Unit to begin with, then stat Game, stat SceneRendering and finally the GPU profiler. That should give you some more precise indications about what works best for your specific case.

Curious to see your findings.

The main point of the hierarchical version is that it allows instances to cull and LOD somewhat independently. This is only really beneficial if those instances can be scattered around in space around the player. When you have a bunch of books all tightly packed in roughly the same place, you are most likely better off using the ordinary instanced mesh component and not paying all that overhead of computing visibility for individual books.