What im doing wrong with my material?

Hello, can someone explain me what is wrong here.This is my material:

In main texture sample :

as you can see, in alpha channel there is WHITE bricks and BLACK lines between them.
What i wanted to do, is to color only black lines in orange glowing color, but it somehow colored whole texture.
I wanted bricks to stay gray and that lines to go orange. So i used LinearInterpolate, if input A = black, B=white, and alpha is controling them, as you can see, i adjusted my main texture sample alpha channel in alpha Lerp. So Black(A) can be colored Orange and White(B) stays the same. But that didnt happend…Ive been trying for hours but still cant get desired result.
Texture samples are from starter content:

I guess it’s because of your alpha’s grey’ish area, try these:

  1. rise alpha channel’s contrast
  2. or power alpha channel with a big number

Okay, okay…so there are many solutions to this…I think making bricks white in photoshop is a kinda easy solution, but is there a option where i can color only alpha channel in photoshop?

im not quite sure how to to do that?


I think you just need to clamp alpha (adjust max to remove orange where it’s gray on heightmap) before lerp where you add orange or use if node instead.

And it didn’t colored whole texture bricks are white - gray so it colored gray as well.

You can make this bricks totaly white in photoshop or gimp for example as well.

Add new layer in background with your color :slight_smile:

You control your channel in the bottom right corner. («couche» mean channel)


Another quick solution could be to use the node «power» to boost the whiteness OR simply adjust the brightness curve inside the image (open the image and you will have a couple of option directly inside UE4).

Power is expensive.

If you didn’t done it yet, you can simply add another layer (with your color) behind your layer.

I have found this video which is exactly what I meant here.

yea…thanks everyone for your answers, im kinda bussy with my blueprints so i will finish it later.