What happens with a Ray Tracing project when executed on a non DXR GPU?

Hello, pretty simple question. At the moment I am working on a project in which I make extensive use of ray traced reflections.

What happens with such a Ray Tracing project when someone tries to execute it on a non DXR GPU?

Will it crash in the beginning or will it simply not display the effects?

And another question is then, how can I check for it, so the program is at least showing a message that a GPU with DXR support is needed?

Its simple. Nothing will happen if you dont have support for it, it just disables RT. Also, try and possibly make some hack-y solution for non raytracing users (Planar reflections+SSR+Cubemaps)

Is it somehow possible to ask the engine if DXR is supported? My project depends that heavy on RT it wouldn’t be possible to make it look right without it. Therefore I would like to inform the user and simply close the program afterwards.

Likely not possible, but you could possibly do a little trick, placing a mirror onscreen reflecting some text, tell the user if they cant see the text, the game will not work right. Also, what kind of game NEEDS raytracing?

It is not a game, it is a benchmark. I now added an option to execute it with screen space reflections, but it is extremely ugly with that. The benchmark is using hundreds of mirrors^^. What happens if I execute the console command “r.RayTracing.Reflections 1” and then check the value that gets returned with “r.RayTracing.Reflections”? Will it return 1 even it is not working or will it properly return 0 because the hardware does no support it? That could be a way to find out if Ray-Tracing is working.