What happens when reliable event calls unreliable event?

So I wondered, if a reliable custom event calls an unreliable custom event, will that unreliable event become reliable?

No it would still be unreliable.

So just to clarify it, if there is alot of traffic would that unreliable event (calld by the reliable event) get ignored or would be sent as reliabe?

There might be some internal optimization that packs the unreliable event with the reliable event if it happens on the same Actor but you should not rely (no pun intended) on that.

Gotcha, I wish there was a way to test this kind of things…
I’ll mark this question as answered with a question mark, though I hope to get more clarification on this.

Thanks for the help!

You can saturate a channel easy by sending a lot of TEXT and see if that makes your unreliable RPC unreliable.

It’s pretty straightforward. An Unreliable package sending will be unreliable regardless of how it’s summoned. In general, if the information sent MUST arrive to the destination, it must be tagged as Reliable; that usually refers to functionality-based data, not visual. For example, even though the users MUST see the blood splatter if a player stabs another player, the data sending that must be reliable is the Damage Registration while the actual SFX and VFX spawning should be unreliable.

I do know what should and should not be reliable, the thing is, when you call a custom event that has no replication (run on server, multicast etc…) from a custom event that lets say uses run on server, it will make that custom event with no replication, a run or server event. So I was wondering if that goes aswell with reliable.

Running a “no-replication” event from a server-ran function does not make it replicated. It is still not replicated, simply ran non-replicated on server. Non-replicated simply says that it will not send any data anywhere nor make any present entity run somewhere else.

Excuse me I did not mean to say that it changes it completly, it still stays not replicated jut ran on the server as the name says (So kinda makes it a “run on server” event).
Now for the reliable part, I still kinda find it weird that if an event calls stuff reliably including an unreliable event it wont fire that event reliably… But anyways I’ll test this with GarnerP57 suggestion.
Thank you for the help, it sometimes this little things that make me learn alot more about multiplayer stuff!