What happens if I call a blueprint function from a thread?

I couldn’t find any information on this so I’m not sure it will work. I will be testing it. Anyway, I have a blueprint that is a subclass of a c++ class that is a subclass of AActor. I have a BlueprintImplementableEvent in the c++ class that generates voxel data and a mesh wrapper for the voxel data. The blueprint implementation runs a few noise functions written in c++ and returns a data structure per voxel. Obviously, this is slow due to many iterations and I want to wrap it up in a thread. Easy enough except I’m just not sure how blueprints handle being called from a thread. It’s all going to eventually be c++ but for development and testing purposes, it’s easier to work with in blueprints because I don’t need to recompile with every value change. Also, the editor crashes every time it tries to hot reload.

what was the result