What happens after 4.9 UE5?

Just wondering since each release the version number has been going up. What happens after 4.9? Do we go to unreal 5?

Nope-y. We will get 4.10, then 4.11 and so on

This is getting tired. How about using the forum search?

What happens after 4.99 :smiley:

4.100 obviously :wink:

Doesn’t that mean there’d eventually be no 5 ? :wink:

Only in a galaxy far far away. :rolleyes:

Aren’t 4.10 and 4.100 equal to 4.1?

Not when you go 4.100.1…

But hey, its just meaningless fun with numbers like QE money printing or FIAT funny-money…

It’s getting funny. I am wondering if really someone seriously consider that UE5 will be released because of something like that.

What about 4.999? :smiley:

You can always add +1 xD

Mandatory “two weeks” joke for the dinosaurs who would get it in this thread, not for the youngsters:p

(Why doesn’t Mark Rein hang around here btw?)

Unreal Engine 4 is the last one?

I thought we had settled on 4.Plaid? :slight_smile:

Seems unlikely, but 4 has only been out of beta for, what, 14-15 months? If you look at the previous versions of the Unreal Engine, that would be an incredibly short lifespan for an engine version.

Version numbers are not decimals. They’re identifiers. There’s no reason they wouldn’t go to 4.10 after 4.9. Or Unreal could decide to do something completely different. Until they announce that version, it’s all conjecture, but it seems most likely that 4.10 would be the next after 4.9.

Just want to say that it is not conjecture.


But… but… but after Windows 3.1 came 3.11 :stuck_out_tongue:
(sorry, couldnt resist ;))

And after windows 3.11 came 95! So the next version of Unreal will be… Unreal 2020!
Unless we go into some weird NT stuff!

Oh, great. I was conjecturing because I hadn’t read that, but glad to hear I was right for a change. :slight_smile:

In deference to what is currently hip in the gaming world, the next major revision of Unreal Engine will be a reboot simply titled “Unreal Engine”, since everyone loves being confused.