What happened to the scene fringe effect in 4.15?

Where has the RGB split / scene fringe post processing effect gone in 4.15? Perhaps I’m being really stupid but I don’t see it anywhere.
There’s something called chromatic abberation in the lens effects so I thought maybe it had just been renamed, but no matter what I set that to it doesn’t actually do anything.

OK, so I downloaded the 4.15 Content Examples project and opened the Post Processing level to discover that the new name for this effect is indeed Chromatic Aberation. And it works fine on the Content Examples… but does absolutely nothing in my own project. Is there anything I might be doing / not doing in my scene for this effect to work? Every single other post process effect seems to work except this one (the one I really need!).


Even weirder… In the Content Examples project I can create a new level, just add a PP Volume, and turn up the Chromatic Aberation and it works. In my own project, doing the exact same thing still does nothing, so it can’t be something in my scene making it not work, right? If I create an entirely new project, new level, add a PP Volume, it works!

What’s going on here? Don’t tell me I need to recreate my entire project?!

OK, I think I may have figured out what’s happened here, and this might well be a bug: I upgraded the original project from 4.14 to 4.15, when some changes seem to have been made to post processing. Something must have been broken behind the scenes though, making the control (which now has a new name) not work.

I realised this because I was looking over this thread about bloom/emmissives in the new post processing and realised that in my version of the project which is an upgrade from 4.14 ->4.15 I’m actually getting the old bloom effect. But if I create a new 4.15 project from scratch, and then migrate the level over to the new project, I get the new (and unfortunately uglier) bloom effects, as well as suddenly getting the Chromatic Aberation control working.

So something in the transforming of a project from 4.14 -> 4.15 something went wrong in relation to the post processing.

So now if I can just find a way to have chromatic aberation AND the lovely old bloom effect, but still be in 4.15…

Edit: Nvm, I fixed it

So how die you fix it?

This forum post is going to remain in the top page of a google search for the next 10 years, and someone with the same problem is going to come across it and they’re going to sigh with resignation at the typical response one gets by an OP of a help post with ‘nvm fixed it’.
Why are people like this.

Hey, I’m the OP, and I did explain what was happening to me (see above). Exactly why upgrading a project from 4.14 to 4.15 should cause the post-processing to break is beyond me, but I was able to get around it by creating a new project in 4.15 and migrating my entire level. Not ideal, but it worked.

I have no idea what Link_AJ even posted. What problem are you having?