What got you interested in game development?

This question kinda just popped into my head and I was wondering what makes people interested.
I know just games in general do but are there any other things that made you want to develop your own game?

I wanted to create stories that people can get not only get immersed in, but learn from.

There’s nothing like getting pulled into a game, and I’ve always felt using that pull to tell a story with a long-term thematic idea at it’s core would make games better.

What about you?

~ Jason

That’s interesting.
I interested because ever since i was little I have enjoyed playing games. I did write a couple stories but I thought they wouldn’t go anywhere.
I now have gotten back into writing stories and i am currently writing one now. I think maybe I can put whatever stories I write into my game.
Also I see all these companies making huge games that turn into franchises and they sell. They kind of inspire me a little :slight_smile:


I do the same thing actually.

I write out a manuscript first before creating.

It works well since you have things like dialogue already mapped out.

My biggest inspirations were really the little companies (well originally I mean)

ID, Valve, Interplay, Black Isle, Lucasarts, Sierra, etc.

You know, all the groups that just had a passion and made stuff from it.

This, of course, is in addition to several drama shows as well.

You know it’s really funny when I think about it.
I remember years ago I wanted to be a director, then an actor, then a pediatrician and I really didn’t care about any of those.
Then, I decided I should try to write stories.
I mean, I loved watching drama shows and playing game with a compelling narrative, so why not?

The thing is, it never really clicked.
I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize game development was my passion.

It’s odd considering many years prior, when I was young, my dad once told me that I’d be a good game dev…

Anyway, when I started to develop I had such big ideas.
Great games that would re-define the industry (not really, but in my head they were cool).
The thing is… I didn’t have the skills.

So after a year and a half of trying to make a this big game, I decided to start small.
With that I started to create large games that were simple, but that didn’t work out.
Then I decided to create small horror titles, but I hated making them…it wasn’t fun.

I couldn’t understand what was going on, where I had went wrong.
The thing is, in between all of this I had occasionally reattempted to create that big game.
I mean, it changed by the third attempt of course (i.e. “he’s a cop,” “no! he’s a vigilante!” “NO! He’s…”)
However, I always convinced myself it wasn’t a good idea, that I needed to start small.
Not to mention the increasing negativity from friend and family (they didn’t want me in game design because to them “it wasn’t my purpose”).
What I didn’t realize was, all those small failed projects were projects and the reason I could never create any of those games was simple…

I didn’t want to. I wanted to make that big game, the one I always went back to.
It doesn’t matter that I never truly released a game, I have enough knowledge of what to do
so I should do it.

I was truly so desperately hard to create a publish a game, when I should’ve realized I was trying to create the wrong game for me.

So here I am now, years later…
and I finally figured all this out.

I’m creating a game I want to create (as well as a few collaborations) and I couldn’t be happy.

Better late than never I suppose.

I’m just happy I finally got here.

I guess if there was a moral to that story it was just to follow your passion, never give up.

Sorry I gave you my life story here, but it’s something I wanted to share for some time now.

~ Jason

when i was younger i tried to take apart my Snes to see how they made starfox because i honestly thought games were made inside the console :expressionless:

if i had to say what did it, i blame nintendo they started getting to me when Snes was around then hooked me with gamecube(i played the same gamecube game so many times it should have been illegal).

LOL :smiley: That’s really funny

#1. Availability of game kits. UDK offered mind-blowing possibilities. Unity too. UE4 with source? The possibilities are endless…

#2. Disillusionment with big game franchises like GTA-V, Far-Cry-3/4, Hitman Absolution and most COD sequels etc. Too much Hollywood! Whereas Indie games are like quality TV: You dream up an art-form, you make up your own rules, you let the story / action game-play speak for itself

#3. The politics of working in the TV, Film, Music, Literature industry…Always loved games and film, but didn’t have worthwhile ideas until I started writing screenplays / music / books by accident. Video games allow you to mix film-story projects with in-game action without needing to pitch to publishers or production houses. Just learn the ropes and do it. But you may have to learn to scale back ideas to get them to work within the limits of a game engine. This is an art-form all to itself. For example you can dream up No-Man’s-Sky-2, but you can’t easily make that type of game in a generic engine!

#4. A chance to work from home, albeit with a more modest lifestyle. What’s the future going to look like? Hard to say! But if even a tiny portion of the combined three billion Indian / Chinese population gets hooked on free game engines, the market may become saturated. So you’ve got to just love the work…

Wow u all have very good interests. Some of these I have never heard of before. Very interesting

When I was younger, I always enjoyed playing video games, and I thought it would be pretty cool if I could make one. When I was around 10 years old, I started out making a few small programs in Visual Basic (keyloggers, screen recorders, etc…) I enjoyed this quite a bit. At the time, I was still experimenting with other software like Game Maker & Engine001. For the next few years, I was still playing around with Visual Basic, and then at the age of 14, I started to learn AS3. After around a year of working on Android Apps in flash, I was nearly fluent, and had published a few apps. I was very proud of my progress as far as computer programming goes, and I decided that AS3 wasn’t a low enough language to make any game with potential, so I started to learn some C++ on YouTube with a tutorial series that someone made. After around a month of messing around with C++, I still wasn’t feeling like I was ready to attempt to make any sort of game, or really anything for that matter. While I was on some forum for c++, someone mentioned that companies pay big bucks for those who knew C++ and UE4, I just ignored this post. After a long while of thinking, I realized that my dreams of making an awesome 3D game in just C++ were pretty unrealistic if I wanted it to happen within 3 years, so I took a look at Unreal Engine 4, this was around March. After doing some research, I realized that UE4 was the right thing for me, and coincidentally, this was 2-3 days after they made UE4 free. I have to say that I am very happy that I made this move, and I am excited for what’s ahead.

When I was 5 years old, I had just played Kings Quest and I asked my Dad how to make a game.

He taught me lots of maths, and how to program. It seemed too tough back then, this was 28 years ago.

The desire to make a game never left me, and the game development tools are finally at a level that I feel I have a shot at producing something. Also I’m at a level at work now where I do not find it particularly satisfying anymore or intellectually stimulating (IT Consultant).

Learning how to use UE4 makes me smile.

U deserve to get an even higher type of job with that knowledge

You don’t happen to have a portfolio do you?

~ Jason

after copying the code for a few simple games from My Sinclair i was hooked :slight_smile:

it was called Your Sinclair

No, I’m quite new to it all. I’ve sent you PM anyway saying hello.

Like many of the other people in here, the desire to create games started at a very young age for me. Particularly environments. I can’t really explain it, I just really enjoy creating game art. =P

Alright, I just responded.

~ Jason

kind of off topic but i found this really interesting article

I really want to make VR game, this direction is very popular nowadays. Saw some VR games and really want to create one by myself. Thinking about the idea. Maybe soon i will tell you what it will be about :slight_smile:

How come u want to do vr?

Thank u all for sharing :smiley: I really appreciate it. Some stories I can relate to