What dose FSlateStyleSet class do?

These days,I have been learning C++&slate programing,I feel so confuse about the mechanism of slate.

First ,I don’t know about the class FSlateStyleSet do? API documentation say:A slate style chunk that contains a collection of named properties that guide the appearance of Slate. At the moment, basically FEditorStyle.

Dose this mean FSlateStyleSet is a collection of styles?

Second, when I learn the sample in wiki

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the following code confuse me so long:

TSharedRef<FSlateStyleSet> StyleRef = FSlateGameResources::New(FMenuStyles::GetStyleSetName(), "/Game/UI/Styles", "/Game/UI/Styles");

Dose this mean a specific directory is designated as a Slate resources set? what dose Slate resources set mean?

I hope someone can explain it clearly for me! waiting for you answer!
Thanks very much!

I found it.

Please see my BLOG:

You can translate it by an assistant .