What does this server error mean & why do I keep getting this error?

NAT issues are usually router related, so are you running the two games on the same pc? on the same network? two different networks?

I’m playing the ‘‘Multiplayer Shootout’’ level and I made a dedicated server, then set players to 2 and I get client 2 and load him in a game then I get client ‘1 / host’ and try to join client 2 but then it loads the game to client 2 then this pops up and ends the game why is this?

I also created a server just like it on a level I made and it does the same-thing.

So is this a glitch, NAT-Type issue, what?

Anyone know?


Yhea, but I’m not running both of the levels at the same time. What do you thinks wrong?

Anyone know?

I appears from the error log that the actor is being destroyed before it even gets to the level.